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Modern office furniture creates the ideal work environment - one of comfort, sophistication, and freedom. Contemporary office furniture designs by Xchange design Australia captures the essence of your company culture and the progressive style that is all your own.

From conference rooms, to brainstorming lounge areas, to executive offices - these are the places where big ideas are born and deals are closed. Browse our modern office furniture styles below to create amazing office interiors that inspire progress and move ideas forward.

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Modern Office Desks

An increasingly large part of work in the modern workplace is in the form of meetings, both formal and informal as well as collaborative, for knowledge sharing and discussions. We provide tables for all of the different types of collaborative work within the office, from conference tables, tables for meetings.
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Modern Office Chairs & Seating

Productivity, creativity & collaboration often starts in a sitting position. Working individually or in a group meeting, office seating plays an important role around the workplace. Our high quality modern office chairs & seating ranges offer the correct support encouraging healthy & comfortable sitting positions throughout the day.

Modern Office Tables

Office tables & breakout tables are used throughout the workspace & can be used for multiple tasks. Choose from our various office tables to suit your requirements, our tables include; boardroom, conference & training, media tables, bench tables, high standing tables & coffee tables to compliment our soft seating ranges.

Modern Office Filing and Storage

In today’s modern office, storage still plays an important role for the workforce & the design of the office. Storage systems are no longer hidden away in small corners & are integral to the layout of the office space. Furniture systems have allowed for the storage to become everyday divides & points of interest in neighbourhoods such as standing height work & meeting surfaces. Agile offices allow workers to roam & collaborate in strategical set collision areas & once hidden storage have become another work surface. Acoustics have also been designed in to the storage fronts & backs to offer additional support to the open office. Modern office storage is now a multipurpose & aesthetically pleasing; saving space, time & money.

Modern Collaborative Furniture

With more open plan workspaces & increased numbers of staff squeezed in to smaller offices, a noise issue has arisen. Mobile technology has allowed us to move away from the desk, but a space is still required to make private calls or hold smaller meetings without leaving the premises or using important bookable space. This acoustic issue can be addressed by the use of office booths which have been designed to aid in the reduction of travelling sounds. Office booths are a furniture item & therefore can be located almost anywhere within the workplace & make good use of dead space. Larger office booths which can be located closer to the workforce can incorporate additional furniture such as meeting tables, desks & seating which allows users to work & meeting in a quieter setting.

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