The Technical University of Munich ties on their new location to the Academy Origins and traditions of science because the na­tural sciences in Bavaria emerged from the monastic communities in the 18th century. So were for example, the Cistercians in their time European leaders in the field of hyd­raulic engineering.

The Academy Centre of TUM in Raiten­haslach is a modern and at the same time historical convention center. While respec­ting the conversation requirements of this historical site the so-called prelate Stock was comprehensively renovated and with modern technology well equipped. Far from the University´s everyday life the spi­ritual recreation and the creative, scientific exchange is promoted. Researcher’s elites from Germany and other countries are loo­king at the former Cistercian monastery for a dialogue with Elites in politics, business and society. Raitenhaslach is thus again a „place of exchange of knowledge“.

Based on the requirement profile and draft of the planning interior designer Dipl. Ing. Interior Architect Andreas A. P. Anetseder the seminar tables and individual pieces of furniture made of sheet metal were desig­ned and delivered by xchange.

“Create the right environment and you create the right state of mind.” We are pleased to contribute to a 21st century science and study environment bringing together Bauhaus and Baroque.

Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach – Technical University of Munich

Interior Architect Andreas A.P. Anetseder

SC Seminar brochure – project report PDF

Ceno seating for an academic centre

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