KORE Work Cart receives 2018 Innovation Award

The KORE Work Cart by Kimball is the recipient of a 2018 Nightingale Award for product innovation and excellence in the furniture, clinician support category. The Nightingale Awards honor new products that are exhibited at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in November. Presented by Healthcare Design and Contract in partnership with The Center for … continue reading

KORE Work Cart – Interior Design ‘Best of Year’ Finalist 2018

We are excited to announce another one of our products – the KORE Work Cart – designed for Kimball Office is a finalist for the 2018 Interior Design ‘Best of Year’ Award.

xchange at the 18th Annual Learning Environments Australasia Conference

Xchange at the 18th Annual Learning Environments Australasia Conference in Sydney 27th May – 30th May 2018. The conference theme this year was the 3 Rs in the EXPONENTIAL AGE: Reflection, Relevance & Revolution. Xchange was introduced at the annual LEA expo through our partners Raeco. Over 18 years, this annual event has grown from … continue reading

NPZ studio at Bell Works

Kimball Office provided the KORE/SC3 furniture for NPZ`s new DesignLab at Bell Works in New Jersey. In a creative collaboration with Paola Zamudio, the new design director of Bell Works, every piece of furniture was carefully defined to reflect upon todays and tomorrows needs, creating at Bell Works an office environment in one of the … continue reading

Good Design Award 2016

We are happy to announce that KORE, Kimball Office Relevant Environments is a winner of the 2016 Good Design Award. Each year, The Chicago Athenaeum presents the GOOD DESIGN Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (December 10, 2016) — GOOD DESIGN® is the world’s most … continue reading

KORE finalist for BoY Award 2016

KORE was nominated as finalist for the 11th edition of the BoY awards, which honors the very best design to emerge in the past year. We joint with nearly 1,000 guests Interior Design Magazin to celebrate the winners at the IAC Building in New York City. Best of Year Friends 2016 Interior Design Magazine KORE

KORE named winner

KORE by Kimball Office has been named a winner of the EDspaces Innovation Awards in the furniture category. This annual competition, sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and in collaboration with EDmarket, recognizes excellence in product design for learning environments at the EDspaces Conference and Expo. KORE was designed by Swiss architect Daniel … continue reading

International Living Future Institute

Seattle is not only the home of Boeing and Starbucks it is also the home for the International Living Future Institute. I was lucky to get a tour with James Connelly exploring the Bullitt Center from the solar rooftop to the aerobic composters in the basement. Learn more about the LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE

KORE – Relevant environments for relevant music

On my visit to Seattle it was my pleasure to visit our first installation of KORE on the West Coast at SUB POP. Angela from dean alan architects is the architect on the SUB POP project. KORE can be further explored at Legacy Group workspace 1001 Western Avenue in Seattle. SUB POP, Nirvana – The … continue reading


When I first saw the Rolling Workspace installation at the booth from Kokuyo in Cologne the quote from Francis Picabia instantly came to my mind: Our Heads Are Round So Our Thoughts Can Change Direction. The importance of mobility is well understood. Research has shown mobility could lead to better processes, productivity and also enhance … continue reading

Bauhaus meets Baroque

The Technical University of Munich ties on their new location to the Academy Origins and traditions of science because the na­tural sciences in Bavaria emerged from the monastic communities in the 18th century. So were for example, the Cistercians in their time European leaders in the field of hyd­raulic engineering. The Academy Centre of TUM … continue reading

Learning from the market place – KORE @ NeoCon 2016

We believe that learning from the market place is the number one advice for creative people to broaden their perspective. Looking at things from different angles, learning from each other is the fun part of being at NeoCon. Daniel was lucky to meet three smart designers from Gensler from Austin TX to have a great … continue reading

Gorden Wagener about “Bauhaus” and sensual purity.

We at xchange are convinced that we have to “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” according the advice from Albert Einstein. Key is to keep in mind “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Get inspired by Gorden Wagener talking about Bauhaus and sensual purity. We have to translate Bauhaus Thinking … continue reading

OFS Brands at NeoCon 2016

This years NeoCon surprised and delighted us with a new OFS Brands showroom experience created by Whitney Architects. Together with the OFS Brands Magazine and the people first commitment, a statement from Peter Drucker came to our mind: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. For your own convenience please have a look on Daniel Korb`s showroom … continue reading

Wish you were here!

O+A`s design for the Kimball Office showroom delivered the canvas for exciting environments at NeoCon 2016. Based in the blue house Daniel Korb, designer of KORE – Kimball Office Relevant Environments, had a great time presenting with the Kimball people to customers, friends and the A&D community Bauhaus thinking for the 21st century. He took … continue reading

HOMEFULLNESS – OFS Brands at NeoCon 2016

“The feeling of homefulness surges up at the end of less arduous travels too: it’s there when we step off the aeroplane after a holiday or turn into our road with shopping bags bulging. It spreads through us with its combination of relief, belonging and the satisfaction of a long journey’s end.”(quote from: The Book … continue reading

1250 Broadway Suite 3501, New York, NY 10001, USA

On my last trip to New York I was lucky to visit the beautiful ofs showroom on a perfect day. Since my last visit a lot has happened inside and outside the building. I fear next time I will have trouble to see the Hudson river as new high rises pop up like mushrooms. Opened … continue reading

Kore – Interior Design Magazine – NeoCon 2016 Product Preview

Great news that KORE has been selected by Interior Design Magazine as one of their products to be seen at NeoCon 2016! Manufacturer: Kimball International. Designer: Daniel Korb. Standout: The all-in-one collection of wired desks, tables, benching systems, cabinets, and mobile carts can adapt to almost any setting. Interior Design Magazine: Kimball office:

Pivot Design – Chicago Offices

Eastlake Studio has designed a new office for marketing agency Pivot Design located in Chicago, Illinois. Pivot Design is a creative agency that generates award-winning branding, marketing and advertising for leading organizations around the globe. Eastlake Studio designed a workplace that captures the vision of Pivot Design’s forward-looking leadership. The clean, rectangular plan employs a … continue reading

5 years Eleven by ofs

At this years NeoCon 2016 we celebrate Eleven`s 5th birthday.2011 ofs presented for the first time Eleven at NeoCon: Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb developed Eleven around a fundamental concept: “Furniture is Architecture on a Different Scale”.This inspires a seamless blend of furniture functionality, connectivity, storage, and media integration that harmonizes with interior architecture. … continue reading

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