Many offices are today adapted for activity-based working – ABW, and the workplace needs to be easily adapted to different users. But in any office, we need to be able to change working position during the day for the sake of wellness. All our work desks can be adjusted in height individually to suit each person. Height adjustable sit /stand-tables are the best solution for your well-being and we have everything you need in that area. Add smart desk screens and accessories to make the workplace more organized, functional and personal.

Modern Office Desks

An increasingly large part of work in the modern workplace is in the form of meetings, both formal and informal as well as collaborative, for knowledge sharing and discussions. We provide tables for all of the different types of collaborative work within the office, from conference tables, tables for meetings.
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Modular Office Desks

Modular office desks allow for re-configuration when required. An ever-changing or expanding business, modular office desks make total sense allowing changes to layout & staffing requirements.

Bench Desks

Bench desks are clusters of desktops that fix to minimal framework to create larger desk layouts. This is both asthetically pleaseing & in many cases more cost effective than modular desks. Bench desking is also used in design offices where the need for increased collaboration & team work is required. The work surfaces can also double up as a meeting table or dining table where office space is low.

Height Adjustable / Sit-Stand Desks

Height adjustable workstations include individual office desks & bench desks. Height adjustable desks or Sit-stand desks are becoming more popular in today’s office environments & are available with many different adjustments; 1. Manual adjustment 2. Crank handle adjustment & 3. Electric adjustment.

Managerial Desks

Managerial office desks offer a more highend feel than standard office desks. Managerial office desks are usually found in the executive offices at corporate workspaces, front of office such as reception or in the home office.