Modern working environments require a variety of chairs for different activities. Chairs ergonomically and aesthetically designed, and flexible enough to fit in many different environments. Seating for long and short meetings, for the canteen, or just for visitors to sit down. The choice of chairs is also an important part for the identity of the room and it can signal the expected activity for the area. We provide chairs for different activities and environments in a broad range of colours, material and models to suit different tastes and needs – for conference rooms and seminar rooms, cafés, reception areas and lounge.

Designer Office Seating

Productivity, creativity & collaboration often starts in a sitting position. Working individually or in a group meeting, office seating plays an important role around the workplace. Our high quality modern office chairs & seating ranges offer the correct support encouraging healthy & comfortable sitting positions throughout the day.
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Task Office Seating

Task chairs are ergonomically designed office chairs which offer superior comfort & support to the users body & include mechanism’s such as body balance & active seating to promote increased body movement whilst seated. Our mesh task office chairs offer increased support & let the body breathe. All of our task chairs are available with high quality mechanisms & long guarantees.

Active Seating

Humans are designed to move & not sit at 90 degree angles as movement is dramatically reduced when sat in an office chair for long periods. We encourage everyone to move as much as possible, but as we all know, this can be difficult in busy periods. The solution to help movement whilst seated is to choose an office task chair that is designed to encourage you to move whilst in a seated position. We call this active seating

Posture Changes

Sitting sedentary at an office desk or meeting table with legs & back at 90 degrees can cause reduced blood circulation at chair pressure points. There are many clever upholstery & mesh designs available to aid reduce pressure, but a well designed ergonomic task chair with a bodyweight tension mechanism or similar active seating promotes wider seating angles. Our bodies were not designed for desks.

Conference, Training and Multipurpose

Choosing the right chair for mutiple daily tasks & meetings is easy; choose our multipurpose chairs. Multiple use office chairs that can be used for different situations in the workplace not only saves costs, it retains corporate cohesion. Multipurpose chairs can be used for conferences, meetings & in training scenarios. Multipurpose seating can also be used by remote workers in touchdown areas or for the breakout/thirdspace areas at the workplace.

Soft Seating

Furnish the waiting lounge, breakout area or corporate office with comfortable soft seating such as office sofas & arm chairs. Contemporary wool upholstery, vinyl, hide or a mixture of all in hundreds of colours can be used to incorporate your companies branding.

Acoustic Seating

High back acoustic chairs & sofas offer workers the space to relax, work & meet where the need for privacy or concentration is a must. Acoustic foam is upholstered in wool fabric to allow sound to be absorbed, creating a more private quiet space.