ABWfitdesk-Electric Sit Stand Desk

Designed By Xchange Design Studio
Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks
Warranty: 10 years
Choose our ABWfitdesk electric adjustable-height standing desk when you prefer the convenience of one-touch, push-button transitions from sitting to standing. Our robust electric motors can also support heavier desktop objects, 3-stage frames offer a generous height adjustment range, while programmable electronic keypads recall your favourite height settings. ABWfitdesk electric adjustable-height stand up desks also come in a wide selection of widths and finish options, while offering industry-leading quality, customer service, accessories, and features.

Straight Desk120degree Desk
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    ABWfitdesk – Electric Sit to Stand Desk

    ABWfitdesk is our premium sit stand desk model. Available in your choice of  widths, you get plenty of room to work without overwhelming your office space. This full-featured height adjustable desk also delivers the wide array of standing desk benefits that you expect, like increased focus and calorie burn, helping to counteract the health effects of a sedentary workday. With a simple push of a button, you have flexibility to sit or stand and effortlessly adjust from one to the other.  The sturdy desktop – with a 120kgs weight capacity – offers plenty of space for your computer and monitor, paperwork, and more. A wide selection of Stand Up Desk Store accessories, which include a pencil drawer, privacy panel, keyboard and/or mouse tray, monitor mounts, plus cord and power management, let you fully customize your adjustable height desk for optimum productivity. Available in a generous selection of attractive desktop and frame colour options.

    Choose this adjustable desk if: You want our top-of the line product, desire casters for mobility, seek a wide choice of colour options, the contents of your desk exceeds 50kgs, and you prefer the convenience of electric height adjustment.

    An electric adjustable standing desk provides the ability to sit or stand with the touch of a button, helping you enhance focus and productivity while burning extra calories. No matter which size and style stand up desk you choose, expect smooth and fast operation, impressive weight capacity, sturdy construction, and a selection of frame and desktop colours to integrate seamlessly with your work space.


    – 4x memory function plus 1x USB charging plug
    – Height adjustment H625mm up to H1250mm
    – Round 70mm column leg
    – L700mm flat foot design for minimal obstruction
    – Extendable frame from min. W1200 – max. W1800mm




    Rectangular Workstation Settings

    Back-to-Back Workstation Settings

    90deg L-shape Workstation Settings

    120deg Workstation Settings


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