BANDAsteel Meeting & Breakout Table

Designed By Daniel Korb
Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks
Warranty: 10 years

Our simple steel frame-based tables integrate with BANDAsteel lounge and BANDAsteel meeting to provide a cohesive, harmonized look throughout an entire facility.
410mm and 740mm heights in multiple sizes bring the classic Banda aesthetic to dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, meeting tables, team tables, and even casual desking. The addition of xchange seated cafe or diner tables and 3rd party chairs creates the perfect seating landscape for breakout and cafe spaces whether in commercial or office environments.
The BANDAsteel range provides a great meeting point within many environments for group discussion and collaborative work.

  • Step 1 : Table Height

    • Coffee/Low - H450mm
    • Seated - H740mm
  • Step 2 : Table Size

    • Low Table - W610 x D610
    • Low Table - W1210 x D610
    • Low Table - W1810 x D610
    • Table - W1200 x D1200
    • Table - W1500 x D1500
    • Table - W1600 x D1600
    • Table - W1800 x D900
    • Table - W1800 x D1800
    • Table - W2000 x D1000
    • Table - W2400 x D1200
  • Step 3 : Framework Colour

    • White Metallic Texture
    • Black Metallic Texture
    • Precious Silver Pearl
  • Step 4 : Table Top Finish

    • White 101
    • Sarsen Grey 202
    • Graphite 201
    • Black 230
    • Murnau Maple 325
    • Rochelle White 3A7
    • Marinus Walnut 3C2
  • Step 5 : Warranty

    • 10 year (structural)
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BANDAsteel Meeting & Breakout Tables

The breakout space is primarily an area that stimulates interaction & relaxation where co-workers can take a break from their work. A multi-functional breakout area can also incorporate furniture for agile working including spaces for remote workers to touchdown & also to hold quick informal meetings. This is called a Third Space; an area additional to the office & meeting rooms.

Providing a comfortable space for co-workers to kick back & relax is important for well-being & staff retention. The breakout area should ideally be positioned within 50 metres of the main office area to help promote movement & interaction. Well-designed breakout furniture can aid this activity by encouraging co-workers to use the breakout area furniture more often. Breakout furniture doesn’t necessarily mean increased sitting & can include elevated furniture such as high poser or media tables to increase standing positions throughout the day.

Modern & contemporary breakout furniture can be setup in many ways to create a stimulating landscape that encourages interaction. A welcoming comfortable breakout area within the workspace increases interactions & collaboration increasing staff morale & productivity but ultimately more movement & well being.

The BANDAsteel table & seating range is handmade with a single piece frame made of folded steel. The simplistic contemporary design is complimented by laminate or wood veneer table or bench seating tops. BANDAsteel legs offer maximum clearance for leg room whilst in keeping with the overall appearance.

The BANDAsteel range provide a great meeting point within many environments for group discussion and collaborative work.


  • Contemporary design
  • Ridgid folded metal steel frames
  • Many laminate, veneer & frame colours
  • 10 year parts warranty


BANDAsteel Meeting Table Settings