Designed By Daniel Korb
Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks
Warranty: 10 years

A study by the International Academy for Design and Health shows that because our environment influences us on many levels, the setting is continually either supporting or depleting its occupants.
Consciously creating and sustaining a nurturing setting fortifies the roots from which employees evolve and grow.
In essence we create a nurturing environment and let it grow, periodically unplugging from the demands of technology allows us to shine.
Decision-making is tiresome – to recover have a break at the HAUS. Unplug and focus.

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Traditionally there was a need for one’s ‘own desk’ that could be translated into a ‘home’ or a ‘base’, which increasingly today does not have to be a workstation per se, but in each situation the quality of space designed should not be compromised.
XE Haus has the flexibility to be used within classrooms, libraries, offices and communal areas by allowing the designer/end-user to choose how they want to function within it.
Whiteboards, pinboards, lighting, fixed or flexible seating, and tables – the options are infinite.

Office Pods

Acoustic office pods offer a demountable freestanding room solution where little or no fixings are required. In many leased office spaces office pods are used instead of fixed office partitions where there are building restrictions. Office pods have many great benefits as they are demountable & can be relocated if required. This also means that there are almost no dilapidation costs that are associated with fixed office partitions. Due to the modular construction of the pods, many can also be extended to create larger office pods such as meeting room pods. The pod construction also allows for integral writable whiteboards, glass surfaces, pinboards & TV/monitor support for training or conferencing purposes.

Office Booths

With more open-plan workspaces & increased numbers of staff squeezed into smaller offices, a noise issue has arisen. Mobile technology has allowed us to move away from the desk, but space is still required to make private calls or hold smaller meetings without leaving the premises or using important bookable space. This acoustic issue can be addressed by the use of office booths which have been designed to aid in the reduction of traveling sounds. Office booths are a furniture item & therefore can be located almost anywhere within the workplace & make good use of dead space. Larger office booths which can be located closer to the workforce can incorporate additional furniture such as meeting tables, desks & seating which allows users to work & meeting in a quieter setting.


  • Aluminium extruded N-frame with adjustable glide
  • XE DNA system design
  • Private single/2person setting with fixed table
  • Group multi-person collaboration setting with upholstered lounge and table options
  • High quality upholstered interior with options for various fabrics and acoustic absorption surfaces


XE Haus Settings