Designed By Daniel Korb
Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks
Warranty: 10 years

We believe simple is better than complex. Applying simple solutions to slow down helps us maintain a calm mind amidst the frenetic pace of daily life to support body, mind and spirit.
XE Retreat uses the XE platform to create a varied landscape of touchdown seating with ottoman, bench, low height and full height size options.

Creating an inspired and healthy learning environment soothes the soul and recharges our proverbial batteries. Research supports that ergonomics when used properly can lead to happier people.

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    Our ancestors were born in a natural environment while we are living more and more in a man made world despite our heritage, our DNA. But how can we survive in a virtual world if we do not respect our deeply ingrained natural needs? Our eyes are made for light and shadow, we can sense the slightest structure and we have more than one sense.

    The office environment should address these natural needs supporting the human body and adding value to our lives.


    • Aluminium extruded N-frame with adjustable glide for design continuity throughout office environment
    • XE DNA system design
    • Functional private touchdown seating for personal and collaborative work
    • High quality upholstered interior with options for various fabrics and acoustic absorption surfaces


    Soft Seating Retreat Settings