Designed By Daniel Korb
Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks
Warranty: 10 years

Whether it is a slimline single or L-shaped workstation the XF die-cast leg detail lends its self to creating a harmonized executive office environment.

WAX drawers give the XF executive workstations added functionality and clean lines with perfect blending of the WAX storage design aesthetic on a smaller scale.

With the addition of round, square, para or trap tables that complement the main user workstation for a total executive hub.


Straight Desk
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    XF was developed in response to the changing work environments of today, seeking to simplify the process of designing large open office spaces; to deliver new, space efficient shapes and cost effective solutions; and to elevate the workplace beyond the ordinary with crisp, architectural lines in its form.

    XF – the system platform. Its essence: utility and beauty. The philosophy: the world has different needs, which it meets with innovation, versatility and dynamism.

    The name: XF. X is the variable that adjusts to the personal needs of the user. F stands for flow – the state of productive harmony, and the harmonious combination of motivation and attention. 2017 XF writes a new chapter in Swiss design history. Following this tradition it creates with the courage of reduction, unique objects of value with global charisma.


    • XF aluminium die-cast A-leg
    • Slim, light-weight structural design
    • Minimal components for simple, straight-forward and quick installation
    • Optional WAX executive side storage accessory


    Executive Workstation Settings