When I first saw the Rolling Workspace installation at the booth from Kokuyo in Cologne the quote from Francis Picabia instantly came to my mind: Our Heads Are Round So Our Thoughts Can Change Direction.

The importance of mobility is well understood. Research has shown mobility could lead to better processes, productivity and also enhance employee’s well-being, satisfaction and happiness – and we all know that happier employees get more done.

In a space installation  nendo transformed the square whiteboard into a circular shape. This allowed the whiteboards to be rolled around freely. A beautiful metaphor illustrating the idea of mobility while reflecting on Kokuyo as a leading stationary and furniture company. We really enjoyed it!

KOKUYO Orgatec 2016

See also the excellent retrospective of Francis Picabia at the Kunsthaus Zürich

Tokyobike is for pedaling around Tokyo. We want you to forget the bicycle itself and simply enjoy the ride.

ORGATEC” is the largest trade fair for office furniture held biannually in Cologne, Germany.

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