Save the Date – Seattle Design Festival 2016 is September 10 – 23

This year’s Seattle Design Festival theme, Design Change, proposes that design can maximize the public benefits of change, while empowering those communities most impacted by that change.  In Seattle, a place experiencing tremendous change, this year’s Festival will investigate and celebrate the role of design in an evolving place.  What does design offer us at this critical time? What new and provocative solutions might exist as a result of design thinking?

Design Change is many things at once.  It is an imperative, a directive, a call to arms – to design change itself, where design is action. It is the change of design processes and outcomes. It is a rallying cry, a specific type of change, a quality. And it is a continuum, a beginning and end, an action-reaction.

We want programs that address Design Change from every possible perspective, and that engage all design disciplines.

Design Change asks:

  • Can, or should, change be designed?
  • How can design aid in the rapid and ever present change in our community?
  • Is a changing Seattle an example for communities everywhere?
  • How can design challenge, inspire, empower change?
  • Who designs change? Who does not? Why?
  • How can design address tradition and cultural continuity?
  • How can Design change itself to match contemporary problems in need of solutions?

for more information see: AIA Seattle

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