VP of Design Development, John Phillips, discusses his approach to design and how inspiration motivats, influences and ultimately moves creativity.

Written by John Phillips.

Open your minds to see the inspiration around you for your “aha” moment.

Inspiration is a wonderful yet difficult word to fully understand and an even greater challenge to effectively apply. Inspiration tends to be a noun, but I disagree. Inspiration commands action to first see and feel, then compels you to apply it for the benefit of something greater.

“Aha” moments trigger creativity and clarity that become the new intensity where we channel our energy. As designers, we never shut down and rarely close our mental stimuli receptors. This openness and spontaneity sometimes labels designers as unfocused or inattentive when actually we’re more attuned than most.

I’m drawn to architecture. The manners in which planer surfaces interact together, the negative space between city buildings; it’s what’s not there or the items that were left on paper because they didn’t translate that makes the difference. Distillation is more important than addition.

Nature will always reign supreme in the inspiration category. As a youth, I was inspired by the detail found in insects. An appreciation ran deep for their translucent, incredibly functional wings, their geometric intricacies, kaleidoscopic patterns and iridescent colors. It’s not just visual, it’s the relationship. The majesty of mountains, fissured rocks of Zion and Yosemite and plate tectonics manifesting the original formation are a testament of the best designs and inter-connectivity ever created. While designing vehicles in the motor city, I utilized natural elements such as cork, bamboo and different layers of translucent materials like amber to balance the steel and synthetics of car concepts.

Our susceptibility provides an endless source of beauty and function regardless of industry or activity as long as we remain open to possibility. Routine can be efficient, but it can also cause settling in a very mundane way.

The internal and external design partners of OFS Brands discover inspiration differently, and that is a good thing. Successful design is then picked up by all the senses….it’s the sensation of it that just feels right.

Just like innovation, inspiration can be the simplest form of a process or product because of the mass utility and attraction that make it so desirable. Inspiration guides, then expertise, collaboration, rapid-prototyping, 110% teamwork and a million other things align and transform inspiration into the products you see today. We hope not only that our products inspire you, but more so our hard work, responsiveness and the fact that we sincerely care to make your day better is the “good stuff” that truly moves you.

We want to inspire forward.

You can find this article in OFS BRANDS 2016 MAGAZINE on page 12.

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