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XE Office Desking

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XE Office Desking

Rethink Quiet Space

All organizations depend on innovation: it helps them to thrive, build on success and compete more effectively. We know that new ideas are among the most valuable of all assets and we take creativity seriously, doing everything we can to help ideas flourish. Give people the right surroundings and they will find it easier to build and develop ideas, to communicate and collaborate with others.

Our task is to promote effective working and living environments, achieving conditions that will promote mental and physical well- being.

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XE is a system platform we designed to address ergonomics in the broader sense of its original meaning. People tend to use ergonomics to describe the design of objects but in reality it is about the relationship between a person and the things around them. The Greek word ergonomics is a composite for the word work and natural laws. Natural laws for us translate into addressing human needs helping them to perform in the best possible way. This is why we focus to create spaces with those needs in mind. XE allows providing solutions around tables, houses, storage and seating integrating needs for privacy, acoustics, colour and different scenarios. XE is focusing on a better understanding of space and human needs using design to solve these problems.


  • Aluminium extruded N-leg with adjustable glide
  • XE DNA system design
  • Optional side storage attachment application (please contact us directly)
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