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Modern Office Furniture
For The Contemporary Office Space

We design and manufacture innovative commercial furniture that adapts to the ever-changing ways in which people effectively work and learn. From office furniture, learning environments, hospitality to the home office we understand how people work allowing us to create spaces that work harder. smarter, and altogether better. Take a look through our portfolio and you’ll find a collection of dynamic furniture solutions that are agile, intuitive and support the working practices for all sorts of environments from complex office settings to large-scale education projects and everything in between.

Our Latest Office Furniture Designs


What Is The Purpose Of Design?

The Purpose of design is to add value.

If you can't add value just don't do it.
Start with values in mind and end with values in mind.

International Design Awards

We understand design as a process. From the very first idea to product development, engineering, sourcing materials, manufacturing, logistics and installation. Design is more than a physical object it needs to address human needs to be successful.

For Xchange the Purpose of Design is to “add value” to our products at every level. With over 25 International award winning designs over a span of 25 years, Xchange has had the opportunity to work with a variety of local and international businesses to create world class work environments.

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Home offices and commercial spaces benefit from the innovative furniture products of Xchange Design. Office furniture is one of the most popular items we sell online. We ship from multiple warehouses every day to offices all over Australia. Our high-quality products, excellent customer service, and industry-leading commercial protections are available to individuals, businesses, and government agencies.  

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