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Making Space That Works

We design and manufacture innovative commercial furniture that adapts to the ever-changing ways in which people effectively work and learn. From office furniture, learning environments, hospitality to the home office we understand how people work allowing us to create spaces that work harder. smarter, and altogether better. Take a look through our portfolio and you’ll find a collection of dynamic furniture solutions that are agile, intuitive and support the working practices for all sorts of environments from complex office settings to large-scale education projects and everything in between.

Our Latest Products

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Xchange Design Blog

We’ll keep you informed about the big things going on (not only at xchange) but in the worlds of design, work, architecture, and more…

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What is Resimercial Design?

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The Conference Room Debate!

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What Is The Purpose Of Design

The purpose of design is to add value.
If you can't add value just don't do it.
Start with values in mind and end with values in mind.

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International Design Awards

We understand design as a process. From the very first idea to product development, engineering, sourcing materials, manufacturing, logistics and installation. Design is more than a physical object it needs to address human needs to be successful.

For Xchange the Purpose of Design is to “add value” to our products at every level. With over 25 International award winning designs over a span of 25 years, Xchange has had the opportunity to work with a variety of local and international businesses to create world class work environments.

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Home offices and commercial spaces benefit from the innovative furniture products of Xchange Design. Office furniture is one of the most popular items we sell online. We ship from multiple warehouses every day to offices all over Australia. Our high-quality products, excellent customer service, and industry-leading commercial protections are available to individuals, businesses, and government agencies.  

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Additional Services

Xchange design provides a complete furniture solution for businesses across Australia. As well as offering traditional furniture services, we also provide:

Office fit-outs

We can provide a complete office fit-out if you need it. We can support your unique office needs, whether it’s whole design collections or mix-and-match solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of furniture products, so you can find everything you need in one place. We have everything you need, from desks and workstations to chairs and seating solutions. In addition to standard office products, we offer special solutions for reception areas, cafes, schools, and more.


If you are an educational institution or school, we can support you. Furniture solutions for the education sector must be functional and of high quality, including tailored desk and chair designs. Our low prices and bulk deals on a variety of education products are available to schools and universities alike. Contact us today if you require office furniture in New South Wales.

Bulk Deals

You understand how important it is to buy in bulk if you manage a large office or government department. We offer industry-leading bulk deals on a wide range of furniture items, including chairs, tables, storage solutions, and much more. Besides bulk deals in convenient sets of 10, we also offer custom deals for extra-large orders.

Complete Furniture Solutions

Xchange design is the most trusted furniture company in Australia. From the front of your office to the backroom and beyond, we provide a complete furniture solution at an affordable price point. Setting up a new office or updating your existing space has never been easier. We’re here to help you find the office furniture Perth you need.

We stock the following product categories:

Desks, Workstations and Tables

Every office worker needs a stable place to rest their computer and work on documents. We stock a range of desks, workstations, and tables at Xchange Design to meet the diverse needs of office workers. We offer standard desks and tables as well as reception counters and tables, cafe furniture, executive tables, and education furniture.

Office Desks

The humble office desk is the most important part of any office environment. A good-quality desk is essential whether you work from home or work in an inner-city office. The desks we carry include straight desks, corner desks, modular desks, standing desks, manager desks, reception desks, and executive desks. Additionally, we provide screens, storage solutions, and office accessories to match specific desks.


To save floor space while supporting multiple workers, many office spaces use workstations. In most cases, workstations are the best way to optimize limited space unless you have specific needs or a very small workforce. From small two-person workstations to large eight-person workstations and beyond, we stock a wide variety of workstations. With workstations such as straight, corner, or pods, we can support the unique needs of your office.

Standing Desks

Long hours of sitting can cause several physical and mental health conditions. Standing desks can improve health outcomes in some situations, either alone or when combined with a standard desk. Our company specializes in ergonomic furniture and standing desks. With our help, you will be able to work efficiently and safely without sacrificing your health.

Business Tables

Business tables are an essential component of many businesses along with desks and workstations. For group projects, meetings, boardrooms, reception areas, and staff rooms, tables are ideal. We offer a wide variety of reception tables, manager tables, meeting tables, training tables, and more at Xchange design.

Specialty Products

We are pleased to support the needs of other business enterprises, in addition to traditional office environments. For example, our tables and desks are perfect for retail stores, hospitality outlets, education institutions, and industrial spaces. Please contact our support team if you have specific furniture needs or if you need tailored advice for your business.

Chairs, Seats, and Sofas

Office workers need a comfortable place to sit while they work along with a flat, stable desk or table. To support the diverse needs of modern businesses, we carry a variety of office chairs and seating solutions. Our seating solutions include adjustable office chairs, meeting chairs, task chairs, executive chairs, cafe and bar stools, training chairs, sofas and lounges, and much more. To arrange for office furniture in Melbourne, contact our team.

Office Chairs

Our office chair selection includes adjustable ergonomic chairs, drafting chairs, and leather executive chairs. Having an office chair is an essential part of working in an office. Having the right chair will help you be more productive and work harder. All of our chairs are constructed from quality materials and manufactured to last.

Seating Solutions

Our extensive range of seating solutions caters to the diverse needs of Australian businesses in addition to standard office chairs. We offer a variety of chairs for training, meetings, receptions, visitor chairs, cafes, and more. Several of our seating solutions are designed for occasional use, and we sell our products in bulk packs and at competitive prices.

Sofas and Lounges

Office spaces can benefit from comfortable lounges and sofas. Whether they’re used in reception areas, executive offices, or collaboration areas, these cushioned chairs are ideal for guests, clients, managers, and employees. Work is no longer confined to a single desk – sofas and lounges offer a great way to inspire and support your employees as they move throughout your workplace.

Speciality Products

As well as standard office chairs and seating solutions, we offer speciality seating options to Australian businesses. Among others, we provide seating for hospitality businesses, retail shops, and industrial companies. Our furniture includes chairs and stools for cafes and restaurants, education chairs for schools, and training and conference chairs for special events.

Office Management

Running a successful office requires space optimisation and sound management skills. Organizing the entire office space is important, as well as having a stable place to work and a comfortable place to sit in peace and quiet. From storage units to office partitions, presentation boards, and accessories, furniture plays an important role in this process. To find out more about our office furniture options in Melbourne, contact us.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are essential for any productive office. The quality of storage solutions in an office is critical, from filing cabinets and shelving units to cupboards and wardrobes. We offer a wide variety of storage solutions, including mobile storage units and traditional filing cabinets.


Many modern businesses rely on brainstorming, note-taking, and professional presentations. Any environment can benefit from our whiteboards and pinboards for smart office management and collaboration. There is a broad variety of whiteboards available at our store, from small mobile units to large free-standing units and products that combine whiteboard functionality with privacy screens.

Office Screens

As well as supporting multiple workplace functions, screens serve as office partitions or dividers. Two types of screens are available: desk dividers installed on top of desks to provide privacy between desk sections, and free-standing units installed on the floor to divide work zones. Office screens can be used for privacy, focus, or collaboration, depending on how they’re used.

Office Accessories

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Our entire furniture and storage range is complemented by innovative accessory options. The office accessories we offer range from clips and brackets to locks and baskets, and from power and cabling solutions to planters and cushions. If you need office furniture in Sydney, please reach out to our team today.

The Xchange design advantage

We at Xchange Design are proud to support the hardworking businesses of Australia. We can provide you with support, advice, and high-quality furniture regardless of whether you manage a small two-man operation or a huge multinational operation. With years of experience in office furniture, we offer a complete furniture solution in Australia. You’ll receive trusted advice and support through our comprehensive warranty policy.

We offer premium office furniture, innovative storage options, and advanced ergonomic designs. We are 100% Australian-owned and operated, so you can count on friendly local support and fast nationwide shipping. Our online presence is extensive, we have local representatives all across Australia, and we have warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne. Make an order online today or contact our team for more information if you’re looking for office furniture online.