Xchange Design is an International award winning furniture design brand with over 25 years    experience in the design and development of innovative and originally designed workspace and educational furniture systems to the commercial furniture market.

Our products are solution driven and we partner with like minded clients around the world to deliver world class modern furniture solutions that helps improve company performance, increase collaboration and propel cost efficiencies within activity based work environments.

At xchange, we know every customer has distinct needs and a unique vision for their workspace. This is what drives us and our original design thinking.

From conference rooms, to brainstorming lounge areas, to executive offices – these are places where big ideas are born and deals are closed.

Browse our wide assortment of modern office furniture designs for creative workspace and educational and learning environments to create uplifting interiors that inspire progress and move ideas and people forward together.


We’ll keep you informed about the big things going on (not only at xchange) but in the worlds of design, work, architecture, and more…


We understand design as a process. From the very first idea to product development, engineering, sourcing materials, manufacturing, logistics and installation. Design is more than a physical object it needs to address human needs to be successful.

For Xchange the Purpose of Design is to “add value” to our products at every level. With over 25 International award winning designs over a span of 25 years, xchange has had the opportunity to work with a variety of local and international businesses to create world class work environments.


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