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XE Haus Meeting Booth

Experience Enhanced Focus with the XE Haus Meeting Booth

Transform your open plan office with the XE Haus Meeting Booth. A sanctuary designed for productivity, well-being, and sustainability. Discover the ultimate space for focus, creativity, and team collaboration today.

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XE Haus Meeting Booth & Acoustic Office Pods

A Sanctuary of Productivity

Discover how the XE Haus Meeting Booth revolutionizes your workspace. Crafted to provide a peaceful enclave away from office distractions, this booth is where comfort meets concentration. Immerse yourself in an environment that not only boosts your productivity but also enhances your focus. It’s more than just furniture—it’s your personal retreat for unparalleled work efficiency.

Health & Harmony Combined

The XE Haus Meeting Booth takes your well-being seriously, integrating design principles from the International Academy for Design and Health. It serves as a nurturing space that promotes the health of its users, creating a positive impact on organizational growth and employee evolution. Step inside and feel the difference as it transforms your working habits and health.

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Technology Meets Nature

Step into a space where you can disconnect and refresh. The XE Haus Meeting Booth is your tech-free zone designed to ignite creativity and inspire innovation. Made with the planet in mind, it features sustainable, eco-friendly materials that don’t just look good—they do good. Embrace a workplace that values the environment as much as your productivity.

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Details & Specs

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