Our ancestors were born in a natural environment while we are living more and more in a man made world despite our heritage, our DNA. But how can we thrive in a virtual world if we do not respect our deeply ingrained natural needs? Our eyes are made for light and shadow, we can sense the slightest structure and we have more than once sense. The office environment should address these natural needs supporting the human bodies and adding value to our lives.

In 2018, xchange will focus on our background being the architects of happiness and further explore the potential of a holistic view at the world we live in.

Little houses and retreats provide a certain degree of privacy in the open plan ready for spontaneous gatherings, meetings and focused work. Latest research emphasizes the power for green. A green environment reduces blood pressure and the level of cortisol. It strengthens the immune system and reduces fear and depression. Patients in a hospital with a view into the green woods needed less pain killers and could leave earlier for home, while an office is not a hospital the effect will be the same First we shape our buildings, then they shape us.

Design isn’t just about making things beautiful, it’s also about making things work beautifully.

Roger Martin

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