My Bauhaus – Mein Bauhaus

If you want to learn more about the Bauhaus, we highly recommend this book. Get inspired! 100 Architects on the 100th Anniversary of a Myth 2019 marks the centenary of a myth: the Bauhaus has shaped architectural history like no other modern institution. Even 100 years after its foundation in Weimar, the principles, methods … continue reading

NPZ studio at Bell Works

Kimball Office provided the KORE/SC3 furniture for NPZ`s new DesignLab at Bell Works in New Jersey. In a creative collaboration with Paola Zamudio, the new design director of Bell Works, every piece of furniture was carefully defined to reflect upon todays and tomorrows needs, creating at Bell Works an office environment in one of the … continue reading

We must supply our own light!

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light” (Stanley Kubrick) A new light went on in Hamburg to shine brightly across the harbour. A thriving cultural sector is an essential part of what makes a city great. Now we can find the Bilbao effect in the Northern Part of Germany. The Elbphilharmonie is … continue reading

Sustainable Transport

On my visit to the West Coast I was impressed to learn that TESLA is now on a lager mission then just building the most advanced electric cars. According to the master plan from Elon Musk TESLA changed its mission to accelerate the world´s transition to sustainable transport. This is the place where progress happens.

International Living Future Institute

Seattle is not only the home of Boeing and Starbucks it is also the home for the International Living Future Institute. I was lucky to get a tour with James Connelly exploring the Bullitt Center from the solar rooftop to the aerobic composters in the basement. Learn more about the LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE

Turning Bell Labs into Bell Works

At Neocon I had the chance to talk to Paola Zamudio from NPZ design as we met at the Kimball Office showroom to present to her KORE our latest product. KORE was inspired by Bauhaus thinking and by the idea create the right environment to create the right state of mind. When Paola explained how … continue reading

Bauhaus meets Baroque

The Technical University of Munich ties on their new location to the Academy Origins and traditions of science because the na­tural sciences in Bavaria emerged from the monastic communities in the 18th century. So were for example, the Cistercians in their time European leaders in the field of hyd­raulic engineering. The Academy Centre of TUM … continue reading


UNESCO adds 17 Le Corbusier projects to World Heritage List

We are happy to learn that UNESCO adds Le Corbusier projects to World Heritage List. Great architecture always is a source of inspiration for us as we believe: “FURNITURE IS ARCHITECTURE ON A DIFFERENT SCALE” Le Corbusier was one of the most important and influential architects of the 20th Century.He consequently separated load and nonload … continue reading


Long before Twitter, substantial content was compressed into catchy phrases like “form follows function”. Digging deeper and going back to the source was a real eye opener. It was always about the head, the heart and the soul and not about nuts and bolts. Get inspired by the full quote as the original idea of … continue reading

1250 Broadway Suite 3501, New York, NY 10001, USA

On my last trip to New York I was lucky to visit the beautiful ofs showroom on a perfect day. Since my last visit a lot has happened inside and outside the building. I fear next time I will have trouble to see the Hudson river as new high rises pop up like mushrooms. Opened … continue reading

Pivot Design – Chicago Offices

Eastlake Studio has designed a new office for marketing agency Pivot Design located in Chicago, Illinois. Pivot Design is a creative agency that generates award-winning branding, marketing and advertising for leading organizations around the globe. Eastlake Studio designed a workplace that captures the vision of Pivot Design’s forward-looking leadership. The clean, rectangular plan employs a … continue reading

Defining Design – Daniel Korb

As part of our global design village, xchange has partnered with Kimball Office and as part of this collaboration co-founder & CEO of xchange, Daniel Korb, discusses what design is to him. “If you create the right environment, you create the right state of mind.” xchange is global from day one, following the company ethos … continue reading

Architecture – Nature – Design

Our ancestors were born in a natural environment while we are living more and more in a man made world despite our heritage, our DNA. But how can we thrive in a virtual world if we do not respect our deeply ingrained natural needs? Our eyes are made for light and shadow, we can sense … continue reading

xchange Interiors

Another proof for our believe: Furniture is architecture on a different scale.For this recently finished contemporary studio in Stuttgart the architect Susan Korb employed the combined expertise from xchange interior for a bespoke interior design solution and furniture form the xchange standard collection. An XF table for dining with black desktop linoleum and a white … continue reading

MR Headquarters Official Opening

The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer and more than 700 visitors from all over Europe came to see the new building and participate in the annual event, workshops and lectures. xchange delivered XF tables, WAX credenzas and XE storage for different areas in conferencing and work applications. The building was designed by nething + … continue reading

Clerkenwell Design Week

During the Clerkenwell Design Week architects, designers, dealers and good friends came to see our products at the beautiful showroom from FAMO, our partner from Portugal. We enjoyed the hospitality and energy of the team and would like to say ´Thank you` for a great time. The art from GODDOG added another dimension and made … continue reading


DERBÜROEINRICHTER Heidelberg, opened his new Showroom for holistic interior Design. xchange is proud to provide with XF, WAX and MIRROR solutions in the centre of the new exhibition. Congratulations to the team of DERBÜROEINRICHTER consequent the better.

xchange showroom opening

On Friday 26th we celebrated with our German xchange team the official showroom opening in Fellbach. We were glad to welcome visitors from all over the globe. It was a truly gathering of our global design community. Strangers became friends and people connected across national and cultural boundaries. In his lecture Daniel Korb summed up … continue reading

ofs brands – New York showroom opening

Last Friday the new ofs showroom did open in New York at 1250 Broadway. It is on the 35th floor and clear, everybody can see further now! Congratulations and Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Baseline Melbourne

Xchange Design Australia presented the XF system, WAX and Banda Lounge at Baseline Melbourne on Queen Street in the CBD. More than 50 visitors from the A&D community enjoyed the presentation by our Swiss architect Daniel Korb.

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