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HoFF Flip Training Tables in Modern Class Room 002
HoFF Flip Training Tables in Modern Class Room1
HoFF Flip Training Tables in Modern Class Room 002
HoFF Flip Training Tables in Modern Class Room1
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HoFF Training Tables

Modern Office Training Tables

HoFF Flip top training tables adapt to all workspace changes, so you can add tables to expand when needed, rearrange them when called for. HoFF folding tables can be stored out of the way when circumstances require it. Rearrange a conference room into a training centre or group tables to support impromptu collaboration. Separate grouped tables for individual work areas or a place to meet with guests; almost infinite possibilities.

Work, study, meet, video conferencing & eat – any activity that requires an inviting surface can use an HoFF table. HoFF training room tables have no boundaries, meaning that you can mix top shapes, base styles, go with flip top or fixed, casters or glides. The result is an agility that’s right for every application.

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HoFF Flip Training Table soft close
HoFF Flip Training Table with power access hatch

HoFF Training Tables

HoFF Tables are designed to give business the ability to quickly and easily configure a room to meet the demands of the office from any user group at any time of the working day. Adpatable, Sustainable, Ready-to-work and Smarter design/thinking… these are the core ideas and values behind the HoFF Table series. They allow businesses to fully utilise the space and environment around them with multiple workspace scenarios to benefit each working user group.

Training room tables

Tables come in all shapes, sizes & colours which allow you to furnish the training spaces correctly. Tables need not be too large & often smaller modular tables when attached to each other can create limitless sizes & layouts. Shapes include rectangular, trapezoidal, curved, circular & more organically shaped tables which promote a wider range of sitting positions. Training room tables should ideally be able to fold away to be moved & stored easily. Mobile flip-top tables can be quickly reconfigured to create small team tables for group activities to larger conference style training rooms.

HoFF Flip Training Table 002
HoFF Flip Training Table 003

Training room design

It is important to design a training space that facilitates the participants, their needs & encourage involvement to increase learning. Training areas are often spaces that are easily available such as a corner in the office, small meeting rooms to large canteen halls. These areas often require flexible layouts to promote group discussion & involvement. Choosing the correct training room furniture & layout will maximise both learning & space.

Training room furniture

Multifunctional & flexible furniture offers the trainer the best tools to change the layout to suit the participant’s needs. Attention should be considered to the furniture choice & layout of each training room scenario to keep the groups attention high during long training periods. Sitting in rows isn’t always the most suitable learning environment, especially when group interaction is required or when post lunch tiredness kicks in. Often tables are not required & seating arranged in an oval shape increases interaction. High tables or standing group activities are often introduced throughout long training days to encourage movement & keep participant’s concentrati

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Flextable Mobile Folding meeting Table antishock 012 Xchange Design


  • T-foot mobile table base with braked castors
  • Silver, White or Black metallic texture powder coat finish with Chrome toe-cap detail
  • Variable length adjustment frame
  • Simple, clean and functional design to assist ease of use


Office Flip Top Table Base Settings

  • Width: 700-1000mm
  • Length: 1200-2000mm
  • Height: 730mm
Flextable Mobile Folding Meeting Tables 011 Xchange Design
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