Designed By Daniel Korb
Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA
Leadtime: 6-8 weeks
Warranty: 10 years

XF presents an aesthetic adaptable enough to scale from private to collaborative and open spaces. The configurable frame design allows for standard workstations, team tables, 120degree workstations, touchdown tables and even reception desks.

The name: XF. X is the variable that adjusts to the personal needs of the user. F stands for flow – the state of productive harmony, and the harmonious combination of motivation and attention. In 2019 XF writes a new chapter in Swiss design history. Following this tradition it creates with the courage of reduction, unique objects of value with global charisma.


Straight Desk
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    XF – Modern Office Desks

    When we started to work on the new table platform XF we carefully analyzed what we have learnt so far to create a structure as simple and efficient as possible. XF is designed in the tradition of best performing Swiss design. It is built with one leg and one profile only. This foundation allows the platform to adapt to today’s and tomorrows  needs.

    The XF system is a unique offering that starts with a table and ends with open structures to be connected to walls, storage and personal storage and accessories. It follows in a natural way the form follows function idea as it was originally defined by Louis Sullivan.

    The XF platform translates into an elegant benching solution with a minimum of parts and installation within short time. Back-to-back workstation clusters of 2,4,6,8 etc or with the addition of side storage the XF Team table provides all the agile working space required.

    XF tool rail caters for screens and accessories without visible screws and connectors, simply elegant and highly versatile.


    • XF aluminium die-cast A-leg
    • Slim, Light-weight Structural Design
    • Minimal components for simple, straight-forward and quick installation


    Straight Workstation Settings

    120degree Workstation Settings

    90degree L-shape Workstation Settings